6 Ways On How Using An Instagram Growth Service Will Increase Your Instagram Account Faster

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6 Ways On How Using An Instagram Growth Service Will Grow Your Account Faster

6 Ways On How Using An Instagram Growth Service Will Increase Your Instagram Account Faster

Instagram offers a big opportunity for businesses or individuals, as you can, by creating an Instagram account and posting good content, connect with potential customers or become an influencer and earn income from other brands that want you to promote their products or services.

The only thing you need to be concerned it to find a strategy that will help you gain more followers!

A very good solution for automating your Instagram tasks is to use an Instagram bot, which will help you grow your profile and you will automatically grab more followers.

Are you in search for a fast forward button on your Instagram account success?

Here are 6 reasons why Instagram bots can help you in your journey to Instagram success:

1. It does the work for you and you can focus on your followers

Growing your Instagram is important but you also have life to live and a business to run, so one of the biggest advantages in using an Instagram bot is that it can easily help you by doing the hard work that is needed in building an Instagram following. 

It can help you deal with the confusing stuff that can overwhelming for business owners or entrepreneurs and also give you the time necessary for you to manage your business, to talk with potential clients.

More than this you will be able to focus on creating great content that will please your followers and give you notoriety!  

2. Improve the engagement with users 

If you were around Instagram for some time, you know that only following different users is not enough. You need to be keep an eye on their posts and also leave a comment here and there, or else your presence could become easily unnoticed. This is the part when a bot could become a very good friend, as it does all of this for you, will help you become more engaged and interacting with users. A good interaction is one of the main keys in building trust in your brand and as we said, this could be attained with the help of a bot.

3. You can “be on” 24/7

Isn’t this great? Think about it: this is one of the best advantages a bot can give you, because it doesn’t care in which time zone users or you live. When you program the bot to work overnight, you get all the benefits from it, from following to following back, liking posts, giving comments. Maybe many thought spending a full working day interacting with users on Instagram, but that is not actually very practical, as it takes a lot of time. The alternative is Instagram automation tools, because you can just set the actions you want the bots to do and leave it running all day and doing the job for you.

4. Save time – Automate your posting schedule

Did you know that some of the Instagram bots can allow you to automate your posting on social media?

This is a very easy way for you to focus on the creation process of the content, as you can use a certain amount of your time every week to just create your future posts.

Is an amazing way through which you can post on constant basis and at times when you know that your followers are likely to be active to engage on the post. Is a smart way of doing things as you do not have to manually post content to your account every day and you can very well focus on other tasks that help you promote your business that cannot be automated.

5. Automate likes

You may think that giving likes automatically may not be right but is actually safe to do with an Instagram bot as it won’t be spammy or get flagged by Instagram. Likes are not intrusive and will only show up on a person’s activity feed. Obviously not many people have issues with getting likes from unknown people, as everyone benefits when their content gets a like because this is only a sign of popularity.

Users will for sure check their activity feed to see who liked their posts and discover new accounts (unless they are someone who has thousands of followers). The strategy behind the automatisation of likes is that once they will discover that you liked their content, they will follow you.

Think of this action that is created through the bot as instagram paid Ads, that make your account show on users home feeds. And, because it’s not a formal Ad that you are running through the Instagram platform, it’s almost free.

6. Use Direct Messages in your benefit

You certainly know that when it comes to establish a good relation with prospects, direct conversation is one of the best ways. Well, instagram has a feature for direct and private conversation (like most of the popular social media apps) with users, that is called „Direct Message”. So let’s say you want to send a welcome message to new followers, or a message through which you want to promote a new service that your business is offering. To do this you must send many messages everyday, thing that could be very time spending and difficult. And here is where the bot comes in your help, because all you need to do is to select your targets (all your followers, all new followers or anyone from your list), write you message, you can add a photo too and then just LAUNCH. The system does all the work for you, 24/7 without pauses and within Instagram limits also. You only deal with responding to those interested or those who have questions. Is so much easier than the other option, isn’t it?


In this era, you can not do all the things manually all the time, especially when time is an important asset. Staring at the phone for hours everyday is not a good option nowadays, that’s why instagram bots are such a good tools. No matter where your potential costumers live, what time of day is, the bot does most of the work for you.

We all know that it can be a struggle to work on raising our number of followers and not stay stuck at a certain number, but if you are consistent and play by the rules, you will see an improvement. 

Remember that growing your Instagram organically takes more time and effort and you can always use tools like Social Masters, to increase your instagram account extremely efficient and safe, has amazing results in creating visibility and influence on this social media platform.

You can try free for 3 days all SocialMasters features and then choose what fits for you best! In 30 seconds you signup, add your Instagram account and you are ready, it will start creating visibility and new followers!

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