9 Cool Instagram hacks that you didn’t know about

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9 Cool Instagram Hacks That You Didn't Know About - SocialMasters

9 Cool Instagram hacks that you didn’t know about

Instagram has become the biggest photo-sharing social media service on the planet and has seen a lot of changes over these past few years. Nowadays, Instagram has a lot of hidden features that aren’t so easy to find. 

This being said, we want to give you 9 really cool Instagram tips and tricks that will definitely come in handy when you use the app.

1. Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward And Skip Through Stories

Stories are still new on Instagram and just a few seconds long, so is very easy to miss out of the content if you don’t pay attention. But don’t worry, there are ways to re-watch a story. 

Pause a story – just tap and hold.

Rewind a story – tap the top left of the screen (under the user’s profile photo and username). 

Fast forward through a user’s stories – just tap the screen. 

Skip an entire user’s stories – swipe left.

2. Hide Your Stories From Specific Users

Anyone can see your stories, even unknown people if your profile is public. So maybe you are ok with the idea that users see your posts but you may be inclined not to allow everybody seeing your stories.

To do that use your Story Settings to enter in the usernames of users you want to hide your stories from. If you want to hide your stories from any user, when you’re on their profile just tap the menu button, the three dots in the top right corner of their profile and select the “Hide Your Story” option.

3. See A Feed Of Posts You’ve Previously Liked.

Maybe the most interactive features of Instagram is the heart button. Tap that heart (or double tap on the post) if you liked a post. So if you want to see all the posts you’ve liked in one place, find out that it is possible.

To do that,  go to your profile and click the “Options” then click “Posts You’ve Liked.” Easy as pie.

4. Add Special Fonts to Your Bio

Here’s an Instagram bio hack that is pretty amazing because a well-updated Instagram bio can make your profile stand out. You can add emojis, links to your bio, but your keyboard doesn’t allow great creativity. But it is a way to use unique fonts to make your profile better.

The easiest way is to use third-party website that will customize  the text for you.

  1. Go to the website called LingoJam. 
  2. Type your desired bio text in the text box on the left side. The same text in different typefaces appears in the text box on the right side.
  3. Choose the font that you like and copy it and paste it into you Insta Bio section 

5. Create Stories Highlights to Show Stories for Longer Than a Day

As I said in the beginning, stories are only a few seconds long, but they also do not stick around longer 24 hours. But sometimes you have a story that is so cool that you want to be seen longer than a day.

You can do just that by using a new feature called Stories Highlights that allows you to save stories on your profile page. 

To make a Stories Highlight, tap the “New” option with the “+” icon below your profile image and select any number of past stories. You can select a cover photo and a name to display this new Instagram Story album on your profile page. If you want to remove Stories Highlights, tap and hold down the story.

6. Clear Your Instagram Search History

Many of us want to clear our online search history everywhere, so if you wondered if you can do it on Instagram, find out that is possible.

To clear your Instagram search history, go to your profile and click the “Options” button then click “Clear Search History.” Fast and easy.

7. Approve Tagged Photos Before They Show Up in Your Profile

When someone tags you in a photo or video, it’s  added to your Instagram profile automatically. But, you can change your Instagram settings for you to be able to approve tagged photos or videos.

Add tags manually – go to the photos in which you’ve been tagged, click the three dots in the top right of your screen, tap “Tagging Options” and select “Add Manually”.

Also, you will be notified when someone tags you in a photo and if you want to manually add a tagged photo to your profile – tap the photo you were tagged in and tap your username, then select “Show on My Profile”. You can also choose “Hide from My Profile” if you want it not to be visible.

8. Untag Yourself From Photos

To untag yourself – open your profile page and tap on the “Your Photos” button, tap on the photo you want to untag yourself from and tap again to reveal your username. Just tap on the username and you can select the “Remove Tag” option.  No more embarrassing pictures!

9. Share Links on Instagram Stories

This feature is only available for verified business users and if they are promoting products or services, Instagram will allow them to share links inside their Stories. They can add the link by tapping on the link button after recording their Story.

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