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What Is the SocialMasters Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is a smart way in which websites and people can earn money or use SocialMasters for free

Start using SocialMasters growth tool to increase your number of followers and interactions, see how easy it works and recommend it to your friends. Our tool will help them and you to promote and manage their instagram account, but the BEST part is that you will earn money based on your recommendations.

We started this program with the purpose of growing our clients number and we are happy to share some of our benefits with those who are open for an extra income or free service!

There’s No Limit On How Much Money You Can Make!

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We will pay a 15% commission of for every payment of the the accounts that you are recommending and the best part is that it is forever!

You can spend your income using SocialMasters services or whenever the total balance reaches 50$, you can send us a request and we will send you the payout to your PayPal account. As an example, if you make 100 recommendations and they purchase 40$/month on average, you can earn 600$. Pretty cool, right?

We will give you a personalised link that you can promote it and whoever comes to our website through that link, will automatically be added to your affiliate program list. You can also see, in your account statistics about your recommendations.


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