How To Make Your Instagram Profile Look Amazing

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How to make your Instagram profile look amazing

How To Make Your Instagram Profile Look Amazing

Have you ever discovered an Instagram account that just looks amazing and wished that yours looked the same?

Here are some tricks that you can use:

1. Choose the proper layout

The best trick when we talk about Instagram is the Grid, which represents the layout of the pictures in your personal feed. An inspired layout that matches the pictures that you post, will help you have a clean account, easy to follow and attractive.

This means that you can not post anytime you want, but you will have to wait until you have had uploaded enough content for you to respect the layout.

2. Choose a theme

We are not talking about what you are posting, but the way your pictures are made. It should be all in the same theme, maybe a vintage one, a bright one, lighter or darker one.

3. The subject of your posts

Even if it is a personal Instagram account, if you truly want it to be attractive and impressive, the posts should have a subject. So if you like you give make-up advices, then you should not mix the make-up posts with the travel ones and so on. You can always post the other photos on Facebook.

Your account should have a special thematic: travel, old cars, sports, books, cooking etc. It is not ok for your profile to mix them.

4. Choose one filter 

Instagram gives you the possibility to choose many filters for your photos, but it is recommended to choose only one filter or filters that are very similar as style and use only those. In this way your grid will have continuity.

5. Arrange your posts in a strategic way 

Like I’ve said, the layout of your content on Instagram matters and the one of the easiest way of solving the problem of the posts order is to use an app, Preview App for example, which will help you to reorganize your page in a simple way.

6. The colors palette 

Choose some colours that you know you will have in your pictures and arrange them strategically in such way that your grid will look balanced.

7. The background must be clean

The subject in your picture must be in a close-up, and the background should not stand out at all. The only exception is the scenery photography. In this case your account must be dedicated to such pictures. 

8. Always choose the same frame

All must me balanced, so you can not put pictures without frame near those with thin frame or others with thick frame. Choose one shape and stick to it.

9. The golden hour

This is the perfect hour when the light will help you transform boring pictures in spectacular ones. No matter the region where you are, you can check on this site when the golden hour will be that day, for you to know when to go out to take some photos.

10.  High quality pictures are always better 

Even when you’ve taken some very spectacular pictures, when the image is just a bit blurry, it won’t look good on the grid, and this difference will be visible in the very second you’ve posted it. Always choose the photos with the best quality.

As long as you have an amazing Instagram profile, with great photos and valuable content for sure you will attract followers organically all day long. But, if you want to move faster and really get yourself in front of as many people as possible, then you can use our Instagram Growth App and try free for 3 days all SocialMasters features and then choose what fits for you best! In 30 seconds you signup, add your Instagram account and you are ready, it will start creating visibility and new followers!

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