Instagram Story – Use it in a smart way to grow your visibility

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Instagram Story – Use it in a smart way to grow your visibility

Instagram Story – Use it in a smart way to grow your visibility

Instagram stories is kind of a new feature that when it appeared, no one really knew what to make of it. Now most of us come to love Instagram stories, so it’s time to search for the tricks and secret features.

#1 The length of your Instagram Story is important 

As you already know, when you post a picture in your Story, it will be 6-7 seconds long and if you have only text in it, sometimes it will be even shorter, have you noticed? Of course you can pause it, if you touch the screen , but there is another way of making your story longer, in such way that will be approximately 15 seconds long. The solution is to download an App that will record your screen.

Some phones, as the iPhone, already have such an app integrated, but if you have Android, you can easily find a good app.

What you have to do after you have downloaded the screen recording app, is to open you photo gallery and choose the photo you want to put on your story. Then you can zoom in on it, to cover all your screen (or you can leave it as it is, if it’s already properly framed) and turn on your recording app. In your mind start to count 10 or 15 seconds and move your photo slowly  with your finger, because in this way your recording won’t be a completely static one ( you can also zoom in and out on it, but you can use any other creative ideas). After the time has passed, you can stop the recording.

The next step is to open your photo gallery to edit your video, that is because you need to remove those moments when you turn on and off the app. After you save the new version of the video, you open your Instagram with the purpose of creating a new story.

When a user stays a few seconds longer on your story, the probability of him following you, bringing you more visits on the profile and more followers, will grow.

#2 Use Geolocation in your Story

In every story you have the possibility to use the geolocation option.

This is pretty cool because when the users will search a specific location, they will find you too and this will bring you more visibility, more followers. This is very important, more so if you have a business or a link in your bio. For example, if you have a store, people that are in that area, will know where to find you and this will increase your sales. 

#3 Use relevant hashtags 

The optimum number of hashtags is between 5 and 10, but is very important to be relevant ones. But what you need to know is how to use the hashtags and how to HIDE them, in such way that your story will be very clean.

In your story, you open the text mode and you write the wanted hashtags and after that you zoom out the text as much as it is possible.

The next step is to create a text with a message that is in your interest, something like „Please visit @yourprofile”, then make that text bigger, and lay it out on top of the little hashtags and in this way it won’t be visible at all.

When you make your stories in this way, we can see who saw it, and realise that you are in every used hashtag search and this is another way to increase your visibility.

If you post 3-5 stories per day using this method, certainly your profile will have a better exposure degree.

#4 Use colours in the background of your stories

Down bellow every story, you have a colour palette. Each colour that you select will give you the possibility to choose from many shades. If you press and hold the shade that you like, the background of your story will become that specific colour.

#5 Everybody loves the rainbow

No, that doesn’t mean that you have to change separately every letter’s colour. There is a special trick for that. To impress your followers and users with a rainbow text, you first have select all the text and have two fingers prepared:

  • With one of the fingers: touch and hold a colour
  • With the other finger: touch and hold the blue text selection line.
  • Ready? Now pull the both fingers with the same speed and boom! The old text is now rainbow coloured.

#6  Transform your live photos into Boomerang ones

This is a very cool feature to use, because you can transform your live photos into boomerang ones with one simple touch of the screen. To give life to your photos, first turn on your  phone camera and activate the Live mode, then make a photo of any moving object. Upload the picture in your Story, put and hold your finger on it and in this way you will create the boomerang effect, boom!

#7 The secret menu of Boomerang

Same as In-N-out or Shake Shack, the Boomerang app has a secret menu also. To open it you have to use a 4 fingers special gesture touch, but after you’ve opened it you will have access to more options that will make your infinite loops look even cooler.

To get to the secret menu, you need to open the Boomerang app and touch the screen 4 times with 4 fingers. After that we recommend the next settings:

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Boomerang mode: Forward and Back
  • Frame Count: 3
  • Long Capture Frame Count: 25 frames per second

Though this setting you can add more frames, you can add one frame at the beginning and the end of the loops, to give them a more fluid look. So at the and you will have a longer moving effect than the one that classic boomerang experience gives you.

#8 Share your story as an Instagram post

If you don’t want your Instagram video story to disappear, “share as post” and re-upload as a regular post. On the bottom right hand side of your individual story, you’ll see three dots, that will give you the option to delete, share as post, save to your device, and view story settings. Click on “share as a post” if you think your story is just too cool to let it go.

As long as you have an amazing Instagram profile, with great photos and valuable content for sure you will attract followers organically all day long. But, if you want to move faster and really get yourself in front of as many people as possible, then you can use our Instagram Growth App and try free for 3 days all SocialMasters features and then choose what fits for you best! In 30 seconds you signup, add your Instagram account and you are ready, it will start creating visibility and new followers!

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